Lesson 9

In the previous few years, I’ve run over a few accounts of individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens or some other extraterrestrial life form. I consider those individuals to be as logically sound as religious zealots, which is to say, not in any way. The religious people believe that their faith in their god is absolute truth, and too many of these individuals are either deluded or mad. No, it’s impossible that an existence in the wake of death exists, and believing in one won’t mystically make it exist. Notwithstanding, The Great Beyond is a significantly more substantial idea. The Great Beyond is the infinite feeling of nothingness from which all non-sentient entities experience every day, and what you experienced before you were conceived. At the point when a conscious being with free will encounters The Great Beyond, at that point the experience is known as The Deadness. Such states last a couple of moments, or a couple of hours, yet as a general rule when you enter the Great Beyond, you never return. It is inescapable that you will encounter The Great Beyond, yet that doesn’t mean it must be an alarming or frightful thing. While your psyche is as yet dynamic and working, you can communicate with your general surroundings. You should tell individuals that an afterlife likely doesn’t exist. What’s more, there is no reason in pretending it does just so individuals can rest simpler around evening time.