About Zevenarism

Zevenarism is a brand new brand religion that focuses on how we are all fragments of god. It accepts that the "divine nature" is available in all living things, and along these lines it follows that on the off chance that you are a living being, and care for the living, at that point you additionally care for the non-living.

Thus, the "qualities" of living and non-living things will consolidation and all living things will get non-living, and the other way around. There are likewise convictions in which living things offer everyday routine to non-experiencing things and the other way around, so this conviction additionally follows that you offer everyday routine to all experiencing and non-living things and the other way around. Sustaining/executing non-living things or murdering the non-living isn't right.

It depends on two focal convictions:

Everything is the equivalent. They are either the idea of the god, or the characteristic condition of the regular world. A dead plant, or a sliving animal is something very similar, just like a non-living plant, or a non-living being.

All being is his. The divine beings don't exist but instead are in all things. Every single living thing, all non-living things, and all in the middle of are in god.


Each branch of the order has varying levels of religious zeal and can be distinguished by their colors or signs (Zehvazik). The Zevenazar is the most violent, but tends to keep their ranks and honor. It is considered the most devout branch of the order and is known to perform the most heinous acts in their history. This order is not a pure military branch, as it is a military branch of the Zevenazi; they are not armed, but are armed with the weapons, equipment, books, and artifacts of the Zevenazi.

On the left is the Zealotry branch, of which, the "Zeven" means "the faithful". This branch is a strict adherence to the Zevenarist doctrine, their beliefs, and principles. On the right is the Zevenazar, an adherence to "Zevenanism", a kind of "Zevenazi" branch that practices something new and different. While the Zevenazians have a strict adherence to the Zevenazi doctrine, the Zevenazarians maintain an extreme adherence to the Zevenarist doctrines. They are known for their zeal and devotion and the great amount of time they spend observing church services. Both the Zevenazians and the Zevenazars worship the same God, "Zevenar" which they attribute to the Creator-King of the universe. Some of these "Zevoks" have lost their faith and their names after they went out into the world, while others have regained faith and become Zevenazarians. However, only a few have ever become Zevenazari, that is, they have gone a long way to becoming Zevenazarians.

The Zevenazarians adhere to the most strict doctrine. However, they have discovered something new. Some were the first to discover that the God-Goddess Zevenar and her creation, the Ark was, the source of all life on Earth. In other words, the Creator-god made the Earth whole. These Zevenazarians have made changes to the doctrine of Creation. They have changed the Bible in many ways. They have removed the concept of Creation. In other words, they have modified the Scriptures to suit their theology. They have changed the Bible to suit their theology. They have made new laws which have changed the Bible. Many of these Zevenazians have had some of their theology changed to suit their doctrine. This is their second attempt at altering the Bible. The Biblical teachings of the Zevenazarians are highly controversial. Some Zevenazarians have used the Bible as a shield against criticism. These Zevenazarians have changed the Bible to suit their theological theories. These Zevenazarians have made new laws that have altered the Bible. Some of these Zevenazarians have gone even further and changed the Bible. The Zevenazarians have taken a different view of Creation. They have changed the Bible to fit their theology. Their belief is that man created everything.