Lesson 7

The Zevenarist religion depends on the conviction that all life, even in its most primitive form, has a purpose. The Zevenarist faith instructs that we live on a planet of numerous species, each with their own novel attributes and needs. This diversity is the thing that makes this world so fascinating to notice and find out about. For each species that inhabits the world, there is something beneficial for all others. This concept of equilibrium is critical to the lifestyle for the Zevs. It is essential to never harm the delicate order of things, since that would disrupt the natural order. For instance, no Zev would want to upset a tranquil race of aware trees, whose lives are interwoven with our own. Meddling with such animals would be an extraordinary wrong, and any who do so will suffer the consequences. It is likewise essential to help those out of luck, on the grounds that each life is consecrated to the Order. The Zevs don't permit involuntary servitude in any structure. All things considered, they accept that all life is exceptional in their own specific manner. This goes for the feeble and the stalwart, the shrewd and the dull. All are given unrestrained choice to settle on their own decisions throughout everyday life, and the individuals who misuse that force will wind up deprived of it.