Lesson 6

This lesson is straightforward, yet it takes some clarifying. Your sentience is a part of yourself. It isn't you. You can lose it, since it is a essential part of what your identity is. Be that as it may, it would generally change what your identity is in the event that you lost it permanently. Passing is a cycle wherein your consciousness is delivered into the universe. A similar way a candle's fire burns-through itself to light another flame, your awareness will be given to new hosts when your present one terminates. This is because of the way that the substances that formed you could almost certainly be included again in other aware creatures. You are a chapter in the grand work of evolution. Demise is a characteristic piece of the pattern of life. This is a basic idea to learn prior to proceeding onward. Demise is a transformation, not an obliteration. You may scream and wail, even briefly deny the unavoidable, at the end of the day your awareness will be delivered into the universe. You are a sparkle that can wear out and afterward become one with the remainder of the flashes. Learn to embrace and welcome passing when it comes to you, for it will come very soon for us all.