Lesson 5

That is an admirable statement, however I never talked about the cycle of death not being difficult and astonishing. Whenever demise has happened, it will be easy. I am not scared of what life resembled before I was conceived, and I am not terrified of death by the same token. Fearing passing is in a real sense fearing nothing. I fear the cycle, and being hindered from finishing my objectives. Passing isn't intrinsically awful. Demise can be things other than difficult or astonishing, and that is the reason I wouldn't fret kicking the bucket. It's only something to be ready for when it occurs. As I would like to think, you shouldn't fear demise; you should grasp it. You should carry on with your life as though passing were a certainty. Void dimness is my method of communicating losing the capacity to experience and perceive subjectively, it was metaphorical in nature, however it's strict significance is demise. It's just as simple as that.