Lesson 4

This is how to get into the spirit world.

  1. Learn to be angry, and don't look at things in terms of their value. This is what happens when you ignore your own desires and goals for things. In my case I did not want to be a god. I was not seeking any god, I was trying to discover what God might mean to me. Instead of having an objective, "correct", understanding of the truth, I had an emotional reaction: I wanted to know why God cared about me as much as he did. But then I discovered that he didn't care about me, so much, and that the only thing that mattered to him was my desires and the result I wanted.

  2. Know that there is no such thing as god. It's just a bunch of bad decisions, laws, and superstitions. That they are meaningless, but at least we don't have to live under them.

  3. Know that if a bad person acts in a way that you personally find unacceptable, you should step in to correct them. Not the others. And if you cannot agree with the actions of the person or don't know that they are acceptable, then you cannot intervene. So if someone acts in an unacceptable manner, you should find ways to deal with the thing itself. This is all part of the problem: The idea that "justice" is supposed to be just, good, fair, and reasonable is stupid. In the end, if it is just, good, fair, and reasonable, the result is always going to be bad, so it's just a bunch of bad laws, superstitions, and laws that will just turn people into slaves (even though "law" doesn't really do that).