Lesson 2

We are the Zevenarists: The people who believe that our universe is a god. Our purpose is not to make God the master of the universe, but to make Him the servant. We are the God of a great cosmos which is infinite and vast and eternal. This is our purpose, and we desire to be the God of the universe. We believe in a God of Creation who is God. There is no other God than us. "He is the first God, the only one who exists. He is the creator of all things, who created us. He has set us free from the bondage of death and to be the makers of new and better men. He has created me, my fellow men, to carry on his work. He is also the great and powerful, who created all things out of nothing. As we work for his glory, what we do so as to serve him, we accomplish for his glory. Whatever else we do for the glory of God, we work for His glory." This is our purpose and aim. We are the God of Creation, the greatest and most powerful Creator of all, in whose creation everything began, which every creature after its own image comes forth, and has lived ever since, and continues to live. There is nothing greater than that, and nothing weaker, than that. And nothing better or weaker is to be found than that. All Creation is given by the Creator and for the sole purpose of giving something to all its creatures.