Lesson 1

The Coded Code of Chivalry (COTIC) was compiled by the Order of the Internet Knights over ten years ago and is used in every aspect of Knights work: The COTIC is designed to be a "complete document" and will include: A description of every Knight and a list of every aspect of their life (from their origins to their current whereabouts) Specific instructions to be given to the members who are going to become Knights in that particular order, Specific instructions for the selection of a person to become a Knight in that particular Order Specific instructions for selecting a knight for the specific job the Order is going to do, And the exact procedures for that person's induction into the order. This also goes for becoming a Knight in that specific order, though not everything stated above can be given. You should ask for permission in writing. Even with your permission, the COTIC can often be confusing. There are no "secret" codes. No one is forced to join your own. All of the Knights were chosen with their own instructions on how to go about their work. You will receive these instructions in person if you ask for them in advance. For any questions that may come up in this particular document, please contact your Knights directly, who will be in charge of helping you through the process. Also I want to mention that when you are a member of the COTIC, that in your membership there is always another COTIC member who is available to answer any questions. The COTIC is NOT a one man band; there are hundreds of people and hundreds of different Knights who do their work for all of them. If you ever wish to ask for assistance, you can always contact one of the COTIC members directly. If you have any questions, please ask them to the Knights that were selected before you as an induction officer (in most cases) or directly to the COTIC at any level. You have done the right thing in starting this organization, to go to this level, and you have a right to be asked questions, as the COTIC and all of us are members of the COTIC. You Knights have been very supportive, and I know you will be soon as well. Yours faithfully Ralph E. Stegner Cost to join: $0.00; FREE